Coffee Consultancy

From coffee with love

After amassing a lot of knowledge I decided to start my own blog in 2007. In 2010, I showed my love, by moving to Cape Town (it looked nice) to open my coffee shop, Escape Caffe. It was tough to start but as soon as my wife persuaded me to let everyone one know one of my secrets, we broke even. Why ? it was the only coffee shop in the World owned by a Nobel Peace Prize winner, which I won with my colleagues at the UN-IAEA in 2005, plus a food writer told everyone that I and the best cheesecake in Cape Town – my secret recipe is on another website.

I recently launched my coffee brand "the drink of the escapist" available online here



I call myself a coffeepreneur ( I love this word) and will offer;

1. Advice on how to set up a quality focused coffee business including post-COVID tips

2. Advice on how to find your niche based on your personality and goals