Working with Us

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Advisory Services

With over 40 years experience in international affairs/diplomacy, business processes, digital transformation and executive coaching, we can help you ease your challenges to enhance your business and public image of your institution.

Public Speaking

Invite me to talk in person or virtually about issues I'm passionate about, sustainability, international development, impact investing, healthcare, youth empowerment, coffee and more.

Business Meeting

VC and Entrepreneurship

We're passionate about impacting the World and this starts with empowering the next generation and working with people who want to disrupt the World to impact one billion people by 2032. Work with me to coach startups and advise your Venture Capitalist (VC) firm in the Middle East and African region.

Thought Mapping

Are you a leader that wants to bounce ideas with Lameen, an accomplished Thought Leader ? Then contact us for a unique one-to-one session.

Support Group

Business Transformation

This service is designed to transform you from our Founder to CEO programme right through enhancing your company's business through intelligent operations, change management, consultative selling and go-to-market strategy and already a favourite amongst our existing clients. Call now to schedule a session.

Digital Transformation

Our Digital Transformation consultants will design the most suitable digital strategy for your company to enhance your competitive edge incorporating your short, medium and long term business goals, including the business of METAVERSE, IT infrastructure, ERP Application and Programme Management.

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