Be the star in your own story

📔Sometimes we live a life that has been narrated to us by traditions rooted in another era BUT in our ever changing World whilst the key virtues of honesty, justice, courage and chastity remain, some traditions need to be adapted to our era.

It was reported by one of the Caliphs (Muslim rulers from centuries back) that you shouldn’t teach your children in the same manner that you were taught because you have to prepare them for another era. It is said that a generation is 34 years, so that means that at least every 34 years you need to change the education system.

Sadly, that isn't happneing. For example the Western education system was designed in the 1800s, where the leading business men of the day, together with politicians used the Prussian (area near Russia) military system to create obedient factory workers.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and the leaps of technology advancement, let alone human physiology and psychology and the same classroom system is still being used. Yes, 1000s of subjects may have been added, but the delivery is still the same. Isn’t time for a change and a revamp?

Well, I think so, BUT what does this mean for you? Should you still live your life based on the tradtions of eras bygone? No one is more committed to you, than you. So, wouldn't you like to write your own book, where you are the star, the hero, the leading lady?

Well, let me tell you a secret. You are the star of your own life. You were created unique - just look at your finger prints - no one else has them but you. So, if you want to live the life you've always dreamed off, one with a purpose, one where you know that if you lived it, you would be a better person and have a positive impact on those around you, start writing the script, literally. I hasten to borrow from Vishen Lakhiani (CEO off Mindvalley) book the Code of the Extraordinary Mind and his course Extraordinary by Design that I did (check - write down what your ideal day would look like, what your ideal meals would be every week, how you spend time with your friends, your ideal community, your ideal holidays, your idea leisure time, etc. Then re-read these to yourself and make an effort to make it happen. It all starts with that first letter and word, then sentence and then your own book of life. This should be a fun exercise, so get creative.

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