So, who are my ideal clients?

I’ve been inspired by a few people (tagged) lately to give this a rethink, so here goes;🤔

➡️ a youth who just followed the traditional work hard, graduate from university route but questioning whether this is life. Yes, I can relate to this person because I’ve helped people in this situation to #followtheirchildhood dreams like I do.

➡️ a person questioning how they can make an impact by refocusing their energy into a new business. I’m doing that now with my first client. A sneak preview 👀 focus on what you love and start planning today before you quit or change your business.

➡️ someone thinking of getting into the coffee business and searching for their niche. I’ve been writing about coffee for 13 years, ran a cafe for 3 years and featured on @cnn . For more see @fromcoffeewithlove my other account.

➡️ an #honestmanager who wants to work better with their team. After 15 years in management I can relate and that’s why I created #honestmanagement to promote the concept of honesty in managing and leading people.

🔄 to sum up, I love learning how to grow and helping people grow as I too am growing in my new role, so perhaps I should be a Growth Coach.

What’s your ideal client or job?

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