What is your Comfort Zone

What is a comfort zone ?

A place where you feel comfortable, with everything working smoothly, no stress, with you in complete control.

But, why is this dangerous?

Are you really comfortable in your heart ? Do you feel that you have given up on your passions or dreams.

Are you sure everything is smooth in your life ? what about your job or relationships ? Can you really rely on one person to pay you a salary or for your happiness ?

Are you sure you are not stressed ? Not worried about your loved ones, your community, your future or how you can help people better ?

Are you really in complete control ? A SECRET - nobody is. Look at the recent pandemic lockdown. It resulted in millions of job losses & more.

So, in reality your comfort zone is not really comfortable, because you may be betraying yourself, your ❤️ your family to be better than you can be, your aspirations & hence your opportunity to live your best life.

Here’s a Zambian proverb “if you live a life without any trouble or stress, then you haven’t lived at all”.

So, change your concept of the #comfortzone & race towards where your heart & soul is comfortable, because that is the real journey.

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