Your purpose relates to your responsibilities

I believe that whilst everyone on this earth is extremely unique, our commonality of purpose resides on the concept of TRUST and RESPONSIBILITY. The two are somewhat interlinked in that when we enter this World, our parent(s) are entrusted to care for us and it is their responsibility to provide for us. This trust extends to how we prepare the World for the future generation and beyond and this trust gets passed on like a baton in a relay race from one generation to the next.

This then extends to the concept of responsibility - to our children, parents, extended family, colleagues, environment, humanity and ultimately to ourselves. Sadly, the latter is often neglected, even with those people who seem to have it all (nice car, house, money, job, etc). The challenge therefore comes to how you sincerely view your responsibilities - are they perceived or real. Are you seriously responsible for everyones happiness except yours - or are you responsible for up keeping the whole family or the company (as CEO, etc)?

In short, in finding your purpose, which resides within you, you need to review the following;

  1. prioritising your responsibilities

  2. assessing the time you allocate to your responsibilities

  3. be honest about what is exactly your responsibility (if you have siblings, is it only you responsible for your parents? If you have kids, is it only you, whilst you have a spouse? if you have a baby as opposed to a teenager, are you fully responsible for each age group?

  4. assess if you are dependent on someone else

Ultimately, YOU are responsible for YOU (You.Only.U) - once you've accepted this and your responsibilities, then you can fully start your journey of true fulfilment, where you acknowledge all your responsibilities to all around you and to yourself, before you become wholly self.

To conclude, I leave you with a quote that I came up with today as I was developing this new concept, which I plan to develop fully into my growth coaching philosophy.

"you are not responsible for someones' irresponsibility".

My first article on the concept of the circle of responsibility and how it relates to our purpose in life.

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